Janet Gray

Solid Rock, REALTORS

MLS License #157917

I became a REALTOR at Solid Rock REALTORS in 2010, with my goal to help people in the medical profession with their real estate needs. I have been an R.N. for over 25 years, and have taken pride in taking care of patients, many times when they were at their most vulnerable, and treating them with integrity, dignity and respect. I have had multiple nurses as well as people in all walks of life as clients helping them with their newest chapter in their life, and being able to treat them and their real estate transaction with the same integrity as I do with my patients. I enjoy doing patient education, and I also have an epilepsy education/advocacy site Artists Against Epilepsy on FB. I look forward to working with clients whether they are in the medical field or have other real estate needs. Thank you for considering me as your REALTOR.