Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We always are looking for individuals that are like-minded with us that want to conduct good business and protect their client's best interest in the sale or purchase of real estate. If you're looking for a career in Real Estate, we're looking for you.


Our Premiere Benefits

We don't just speak the talk; we walk the walk as well. You will be given everything you need to level up from beginning to end.

Be Bold. Stand Out

Within the our team, we can assist you in developing your own brand.

Like Results? Our Growth Speaks for Itself!

We started in a small office in Claremore with just one Realtor, me. We have since garnished a growth rate of nearly 30% per year since 2011. We have numerous offices spread over NE Oklahoma and have well over 100 satisfied & happy Realtors. Each paying zero office fees to their brokerage. We have been able to capitalize our market with advanced technology and training our Realtors to be educated properly on working in hyperlocal communities. Sure, other brokerages may have "National" names, but our Realtors are hyperlocal that serve and volunteer in our communities. With that in mind, our brand has gained recognition in NE Oklahoma, making it easier for our Realtors to gain more business.

Who Likes to Get the Most out of Their Money?

We all do, of course. I started Solid Rock, Realtors in 2009 wanting to have the opportunity to bless other Realtors, and I feel that we have done a great job doing so. The backbone of our company is to give Realtors the tools and encouragement that they need to mold themselves into the most impactful Realtors that they desire to be, usually beyond their own vision. We do that by honoring our Realtors, trusting in them and not charging them unnecessary fees and dues that counteract their financial freedoms.

A Realtor Centered Company

I will be the first in line to say that your current brokerage is most likely a great and reputable company and I don't wish to downplay their success. But I would like to say that our brokerage operates in a very similar manner as your current brokerage, but it is built where the brokers serve the Realtors, who in turn learn to serve their clients. We just offer a different platform. It is a Realtor centered platform with your best interest in the foreground. We also do it without any fees, allowing you to spend your marketing money where you desire.

If you're looking for a career in Real Estate, we're looking for you.